Ford Lake Park Shelter Construction

Construction Alert! Starting Monday, April 15, 2024 Ford Lake Park shelters will be blocked off to the public as A.R. Brouwer will have crews on site to renovate shelters 1-4. Work will consist of roofing repairs, concrete repairs, and additional site work. Check here for updates!

UPDATE: May 30th
Shelter 1:  The chimney has been removed with the cement and roof being fixed in its place. The shelter has been stained and new cement placed around the shelter. All that is left is some touch up painting. The pathway has not been completed but should be done in the next week or so.

Shelter 2: This shelter's completion date is TBD as it was determined that the columns needed additional work. Once the new plan is approved, it should be on track to be completed within 2 weeks from that time. The goal is to have this shelter complete before the end of June.

Shelter 3: Shelter 3 is almost complete.  All that is left is to paint the columns and a few beams. The Parks & Grounds team will be placing picnic tables back on Friday, May 31st and it will be ready for the weekend rentals.

Shelter 4: This shelter is completed!